Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Skye's eye view - Weight Control...

HI folks, Skye here. Hope you all enjoyed a Good Christmas. Mine was lovely, but a couple weeks prior I suffered a stroke, thankfully not too serious but enough to turn my world topsy turvy! My eyes were moving in different directions, nystagmas, my balance was affected which made walking very difficult and to top it all I had a right head tilt so all in all a very topsy turvy world!  
Luckily for me my Mum took great care of me and medication helped with the nausea. After about a week I began to feel brighter and thankfully by the Festive period I was able to go for my favourite beach walks. Life is now back to normal thankfully.

Weight Control.

Since changing to NbN Summer and I have had a new lease of life, we have lost about 0.75kg of unwanted weight which makes movement easier for Summer with her arthritic toe, and she has been able to leave off her anti-inflammatory medication. I am able to run much faster and don’t get puffed out so easily!

Being overweight brings a multiple of problems, stress on joints and internal organs. Increased chances of diabetes and urinary problems not to mention intolerance to exercise and poor quality of life. Sadly a lot of owners now perceive normal weight to be underweight, overweight to be normal and obesity to be overweight!

A NbN diet contains no added extras unlike a lot of commercial diets. Fed sensibly and with a good exercise regime all canine and feline lives can be more enjoyable and lives extended.

The New Year is a good time to start afresh, feed for the weight you want, not the weight you have… …………!  Ribs and spine should be easily felt and there should be no rolls of excess at the base of the tail or around the neck area.

Some breeds are predisposed to being overweight but really there should be no excuse.

Lets try to reduce those kilos and have a Happy Healthy New Year .

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