Monday, 23 July 2012

A Vet, The Power of Nature & A good Diet (warning... slightly gruesome photo of what WAS and is NO longer the problem!!):

Boris the Black Labrador was suffering from what the Vet called 'wet eczema', he was very smelly, had recently rolled in Fox Poo and the only other change was the washing powder his hu'mum' was using.

Boris had been to the vet and was prescribed antibiotics and a steroid cream that his owner was not so keen on using so she asked us if we could send her some more natural remedies to help this situation.

"yes please I would love some Neem shampoo and any other supplements you can think of that would help. He seems really fed up this afternoon and his stomach is making strange gurgling noises - could that be the antibiotics, do you think? Catherine suggested getting some live yoghurt unless you have a supplement you think would be better?"

Boris' first aid kit from NbN consisted of:
Aloe Vera and Bee Propalis Cream - Aloe Vera is the best thing for healing skin and Bee Propalis is a natural antibiotic created by Bees.
PhytoPet Pet Aloe Gel - Aloe For healing, An internal Aloe Gel to add to his food.
Red Neem Mite Shampoo - Diluted in warm water and applied all over the Dog, repeat every three days for at least 3 applications.
Neem Pet Soothe Lotion - Apply to inflamed area twice daily.
Dorwest Mixed Vegetable Tablets - Additional anti-inflammatory measures.
Dorwest Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets - Garlic to help combat infections and skin irritations, Fenugreek is an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying herb.

This was the photo of Boris' ear once he'd been to the vets and they had shaved the affected area, he was also on some antibiotics and steroid cream.

We think that as a result of the rolling in the Fox Poo he had picked up a little Mange and this was what was causing the unpleasant odour and nasty pustules that were forming on his head.

Here is the email we received from Boris' Hu'mum' a week or so later:

"Hi Emma,
Just got back from the Vet and I'm delighted to report that he has signed boris off and is delighted with his progress. So hurrah for you and your mum! It was funny as I didn't let on until the end that we'd taken him off the cortisone cream. He looked horrified when I told him he was on nothing but neem shampoo, cream and a jolly good diet with supplements. He asked if he'd had an upset stomach and recommended if he did to starve him. I said he had and I'd done nothing of the sort but kept him on his usual diet of carcasses and fed him live goats yoghurt. You should have seen his face! He is not a barf fan but it was v funny as he had to admit he looked great!
All down to you guys, thank you! "

Obviously, we certainly recommend a visit to the vet for any problems with your pet, but there are also more natural approaches to common ailments and in Boris' case we found the natural remedies combined with veterinary knowledge worked a treat!