Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rearing a litter on Raw Feeding

A letter from a happy customer:
I have just reared my first litter of puppies on a RMB diet. I breed Whippets in a very small way & only have a litter every 2 years or so. 
Mother Wispa is just 2 years old and this is her 1st litter. She had 5 pups - 4 bitches & 1 dog in 1 hour 20 minutes - no problems.
Wispa fed the litter for 8 weeks, usually my whippets give up at 3/4 weeks when I start feeding the pups. She was just so happy popping in to feed them - she always demanded her meal 1st! She produced so much milk and the pups did not pull her around. At 9 weeks she is still in show condition!
I started feed the pups Nurturing by Nature raw chicken mince at about 3 1/2 weeks only giving a couple of feeds in the first week. Easy puppy rearing - less mess to clear up. 
I just fed Nurturing by Nature minced chicken and bone and Nettie's chicken mix trays plus some liver or Ox heart from the supermarket, then chicken carcass when I though the pups were big enough. I remember one morning I gave half a carcass to Wispa & she was determined to take it to her pups - Mother knows best!!
Now most of the pups have gone to their new homes - I am keeping one. I am happy I gave them the best start I could. I sent them off with packs of Nurturing by Nature minced meats - it is up to the new owners now. 
I know what I shall be feeding mine for her life!

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